Any capable citizen of the Russian Federation can join the Association of Cultural and Gastronomy Tourism of Russia. Both the physical and legal entity can be the member of Association.

Rules of the joining Associations, the rights and duties of its members are defined by the Charter.

What gives membership in Association?

  • The member of association obtains first-hand information about activity, plans and the realized programs of Association
  • The member is able to participate in the events (forums, festivals, conferences, training seminars) held by Association on special conditions
  • The member has the right to take part in projects discussions, participate in work process of the Association and in formation of gastronomy tourism sector
  • The member has preferential terms of acquisition of the training programs and courses
  • Free of charge services which are provided by Association

For travel agencies:

  • Expansion of the range of services provided by tour operator or travel agency
  • Expansion of travel geography
  • Increase in number of clients
  • Returnable clients who repeatedly order gastronomy tours (up to 10% of returnable clients)

For businessmen of adjacent fields of activity (a public catering, transport, hotel business, production of food, etc.)

  • Sales growth of product and services
  • Inflow of clients, new workplaces
  • New opportunities for development of business, production expansion

For the government and municipal institutions

  • New opportunities for development of touristic sector in the region, raising of its tourist attractiveness
  • Creation of new jobs in regions and raising living standards

Admission to Association

To become the member of Association of cultural and gastronomy tourism it’s necessary to submit the application for membership and write the application which is submitted to the President of Association.

Except the statement, the applicant for membership has to submit documents which confirm its value as the member of Association.

  1. Application to the President of Association
  2. Certificate of registration of the legal entity (for legal entities)
  3. Document confirming payment of membership fee

The general manager body (Board of Association) makes the decision on acceptance of the new member. The decision is recorded in the protocol of the regular General meeting.