The Association of Cultural-Gastronomic Tourism was established with the aim to develop gastronomic tourism in Russia. It is no coincidence that the Astrakhan region became a pilot project of the Association in realizing its goal – the Astrakhan region in terms of cultural and gastronomic diversity represents Russia in miniature, which means that the experience of launching the Taste of Astrakhan project can be scaled to other regions of the country.

In 2017, the Association of Cultural-Gastronomic Tourism developed the project “Taste of Astrakhan”, which connects local producers with the tourism business of the Astrakhan region. The main objective of the project is to integrate the agriculture sector into the tourism industry by combining local producers, tour operators and travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, government agencies and educational institutions to use local products and specialties in the tourism industry.

“Taste of Astrakhan” is the first comprehensive project in Russia for the development of cultural and gastronomic tourism.

As a result, the project “Taste of Astrakhan” became the first mechanism in the region to create a public-private partnership and increased tourist flow to the region. The gastronomic brand of the Astrakhan region was created within the project.