Russia has a huge potential for the development of incoming and domestic gastronomic tourism, but it requires highly trained professionals.

The association, representing the interests of the industry and stimulating public-private partnership, launched its own educational project to train professionals in the field of gastronomic tourism.

The author’s course on gastronomic tourism was developed by Irina Klimkina and Margarita Polonik for students in higher educational institutions of Moscow and the regions of Russia who study in the specialty “Service and Tourism” (43.00.00), “Tourism” (43.03.02), “Service” (43.03 .01) and “Hospitality Business” (43.03.03).

In 2018, the course was taught at the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism of RUDN University, the Russian State University of Tourism and Service and the Moscow City Open College.

The educational course was presented on December 15, 2018 at the meeting of the Federal educational and methodological association (FUMO) on 43.00.00 “Service and Tourism”, where it was highly appreciated by Russian universities.