One of the most important problems for Association of cultural and gastronomy tourism to solve is training of qualified specialists who will work in the market of gastronomy tourism.

Association sets several main objectives in this direction:

  • Development of the theory and methodology of a research of gastronomy brands.
  • Development of programs of training in “gastronomy tourism” for the highest and specialized secondary educational institutions which train experts for tourist sector.
  • Creation of the training programs and advanced training courses for experts who already work in the sector: travel agencies staff, local and regional tour operators.
  • Development and deployment of the training programs for public employees who are related to development of a gastronomy tourism.

Association programs will be developed by the practicing experts in gastronomy tourism field. They are based on their own researches and foreign countries experience. It is planned to develop methodical recommendations considering cultural and gastronomic features of Russia and its regions.

Will be made special program for each region based on basic methodology.

If you have an experience in the gastronomy tourism field, if you have practices and you are ready to take part in development of the educational program of Association, we’re waiting to your offers and ready to cooperate.