The main purpose of the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism is to create conditions for the popularization and development of gastronomic tourism in Russia.
Gastronomic tourism today is a world trend. This is an effective tool, and in some cases, the main force of the promotion for countries in the tourist market. In 2015, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) singled out gastronomic tourism as a separate industry.
According to statistics, about 40% of tourists plan to know national cuisine and it is the main goal of their travel, they spend more than 30% of their tourist budget on gastronomic pleasures.

Russia has a huge potential for the development of domestic gastronomic tourism:

  • Multinational and multicultural state
  • Different climate and natural zones
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage
  • The centuries-old gastronomic traditions of the peoples of Russia

These is much more work in this area which could not be done within a day by one person or by one company. To maintain this we need joint efforts of specialists: tour operators, food producers, restaurateurs, farmers and many others. We need strong state support, media information support and assistance from local authorities in the regions where gastronomic routes will be laid. The Association is founded to unite the efforts of all the participants.
Tasks of the Association
The main task of the Association is to create a special, unique and recognizable in the whole world gastronomic brand of Russia. To do this, it is necessary to unite the efforts of all interested parties and companies, and to direct their forces and opportunities to develop gastronomic tourism in Russia.

The Association plans to work in several specific areas:

  • Information direction
  • Work with the business of the similar area of activity (farmers, producers, restaurants, etc.), explain to them the interest and benefit from participating in gastronomic routes.
  • Create a unified reference platform, data banks and information systems for tour operators and tourists.
  • Cooperate with the mass media on the promotion of gastronomic tourism in Russia
  • Educational direction
  • Conduct round tables and training seminars for public sector employees and non-state enterprises
  • Develop a training course for personnel in educational institutions, create methodological and training materials.
  • Assist in the professional training of employees of travel agencies and tour operators
  • Research activities
  • Initiate the development and creation of standards of work in the field of cultural and gastronomic tourism
  • Initiate the development of the theory and methodology of research on gastronomic brands
  • Hold exhibitions, conferences, competitions, symposia, seminars on cultural and gastronomic tourism in Russia on a regular basis.
  • Hold consultations and offer assistance in the development of the marketing strategy of the regions of Russia in promoting cultural and gastronomic attractiveness for tourists
  • Legislation and government support
  • Assist in the development and adoption of laws in the field of cultural and gastronomic tourism
  • Work in close cooperation with government agencies, municipal authorities in the related area.
  • Represent the Association members’ interests in the authorities

Travel Hunter, one of the leading tour operators in Russia specializing in gastronomic tourism, initiated the foundation of the Association.
The company has been organizing cultural and gastronomic tours since 2011. This is the first tour operator, which brought gastronomic tourism to the Russian tourist market. The company is a member of the Federal Agency for Tourism register. The employees of the company have vast experience in creating, promoting and selling gastronomic tours for individuals and travel agencies throughout Russia and the CIS. In addition, the representatives of “Travel Hunter” constantly act as speakers at Russian and International tourist forums, including those dedicated to gastronomic tourism. The company is an active member of the Tourist Assistance, the PCT and Business Russia.

Charter of the Association
Regulations on membership fees

Association for the Promotion and Development of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism
Legal address: Russian Federation, 125252, Moscow, Khodynsky boulevard, 19, room 1
Actual address: Russian Federation, 125252, Moscow, Khodynsky boulevard, 19, room 1