Purposes and objectives of Association

Main goal of the Association of Cultural and Gastronomy Tourism is a creation of conditions for promotion and development of a gastronomy tourism in Russia.

Nowadays gastronomy tourism is a world trend. It’s an effective instrument and in certain cases a machine of promotion of the countries in the tourism market. In 2015 the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has identified gastronomy tourism as a separate sector. поддержка

According to the statistics for 40% of tourists the main request is acquaintance with the ethnic cuisine. They spend more than 30% of their budget for gastronomic pleasures.

Russia has a huge potential for the development of internal gastronomy tourism:

  • Russia is a multinational and multicultural country
  • It’s divided in various climatic and natural zones
  • Russia has rich cultural and historical legacy
  • Nations in Russia have their own century gastronomy traditions

This is not one day, one person or even one company work to do. We need consolidated efforts of experts of all fields of activity: tour operators, producers of products, restaurant-keepers, farmers and many others. It’s necessary to have strong state and media support, and also concernment of local authorities in those regions where gastronomy tours will have place. The association has been founded to unite all participants in the field.

Objectives the Association designed to solve

The main objective of Association is a creation of special, unique and recognizable gastronomy image of Russia around the world. For this purpose it’s necessary to combine efforts of all interested persons and companies and to aim their forces and opportunities at the development of gastronomy tourism in Russia.

The association plans to carry out work on several directions:

  • Information direction

    • To work with business of the interfaced field of activity (farmers, producers, restaurants, etc.), to explain to them why it is interesting and favorable to participate in gastronomy tours
    • To create united information platform, databanks and information systems for tour operators and tourists.
    • To cooperate with media concerning promotion of gastronomy tourism in Russia.
  • Educational direction

    • To hold round tables and the training seminars for workers of a public sector and the non-state enterprises
    • To develop a course of shots in educational institutions, to create methodical grants and training materials on discipline “gastronomic tourism”.
    • To train specialists of travel agencies
    • To provide vocational education and retraining of local regional operators, to create new operators for work in a segment of gastronomy tourism
  • Research activity

    • To develop and define standards of work in the field of cultural and gastronomy tourism
    • To develop theories and methodologies of a research of gastronomy brands
    • To hold exhibitions, conferences, competitions, symposiums, seminars on cultural-gastronomy tourism in Russia regularly
    • To hold consultations and assist in development of marketing strategy of regions of Russia on advance of their cultural and gastronomic appeal to tourists.
  • Legislation and state support

    • To assist in development and adoption of laws in the field of cultural and gastronomy tourism
    • To work in close cooperation with public authorities and municipal authorities.
    • To represent the interests of members of Association in authorities


One of the leading tour operators of Russia who specializes in gastronomy tourism — LLC Travel Hunter (Travel Hunter) has acted as the initiator of foundation of Association.

The company is engaged in the organization of cultural food tours since 2011. This is the first tour operator who has brought gastronomy tourism to the Russian tourism market. The company is included into the register THAT Federal Tourism Agency. The staff of the company has extensive experience in creation, advance and sale of gastronomy tours for individuals and travel agencies in Russia and the CIS. Besides, representatives of “Travel Hunter” constantly participate as speakers at the Russian and international tourist forums, including gastronomy tourism forums. The company is the acting member Touristic Help, RUTI and Business Russia.