Ren TV: Gastronomy tourism may become a priority in Russia

All those who come to Russia were offered to feed urgently and not let go until they were full. Tourism in the country want to reorient to gastronomic. The Ministry of Economic Development is already thinking about it.

The experts recorded a huge flow of gourmets who come to us from all over the world. After all, we really have something to eat. And apparently, will appear again.

Stroganina is the most popular dish among tourists in Yakutia. People come to the Russian North from all over the world to try local food. Horse meat, venison and tundra berries In restaurants, visitors here are taken as an excursion – with a guide. They explain not only what to eat, but also how.

A familiar myth for foreigners about the taste of delights in Russia – borscht, caviar, pancakes and vodka – it seems that it will soon collapse. In just two or three years, a new type of tourism has appeared in dozens of countries – gastronomic.

“Every fourth tourist makes a decision about the place of their rest, focusing on the kitchen. We believe that Russia in this case will be as attractive as possible,” said Margarita Polonik, president of the Association of Cultural-gastronomic Tourism.

Traditional Russian dishes are very difficult for restaurants. Lots of ingredients, long cooking. But restaurateurs found a way out. Products are the same, domestic. But the recipes are simpler, but unexpected.

“Chips made of ryazhenka with crucian puree. This is very tasty, it is very unusual. This is such an exciting gastronomic circus. That is, a person comes to a restaurant not only to eat, but to be surprised,” says restaurant critic Dmitry Alekseev .

The main tourist flow to Russia goes through the capital and to major cities. But it was decided to promote gastronomic tourism in the regions. There are two hundred nationalities in the country, and each nation has its own cuisine.

Gastronomic routes, when guests are specially invited to taste national dishes, have already appeared in Astrakhan, Sochi, Crimea and Altai. And in the top five of the most “delicious” in Russia included Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kolomna, Suzdal and Kazan. Cooks say: food is enough for everyone.

Source: Рен ТВ

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