Komsomolskaya Pravda: Gastronomic tourism is proposed to be included in the number of national priorities

Experts are sure that guests in Russia are ready to offer a lot of tasty and environmentally friendly products.

The Association of Cultural-Gastronomic Tourism of Russia made a very tasty offer. Irina Klimkina, chairman of the board of this organization, called for making gastronomic tourism a priority for attracting foreign guests and developing domestic tourism. Now we have allocated 5 of these main streams: active leisure, health tourism, cruise, environmental and cultural and educational. For some reason, the traditional Russian feast has been left behind. Not fair.

“I am sure that gastronomic tours will attract many guests, we have something to feed and surprise,” said KP Anatoly Galkin, former head chef of the House of Government of the Russian Federation and personal chef Gorbachev and Yeltsin. – Siberia, the Urals, the Russian North, Sakhalin, the Far East — that is, we should send our guests to these regions. Siberian dumplings, Baikal omul, maral tongues in the Nenets District, roe deer … We have wonderful fish grown in ecologically clean conditions, and I don’t speak about caviar anymore. Not at all what they eat in the West, imported salmon no longer smells like fish. Now relevant natural products – elk, venison, wild boar. Produced in ecologically clean places, without chemistry, without additives, everyone already ate the molecular cuisine, people want a natural product and we can give it. And of course traditional Russian pickles are sauces: cabbage, barrel tomatoes. Foreigners really like it. So the direction is right, I think it will go.

Source: Комсомольская правда

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