RUDN students defended their concepts of gastronomic tours around Moscow

At the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism of RUDN, the author’s course of lectures by Irina Klimkina and Margarita Polonik on gastronomic tourism in the framework of the Interdisciplinary Forum “Conscious Choice – 2018” was completed.

Margarita Polonik, President of the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism of Russia, together with the students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the full-time department and the 3rd course of the evening department of the “Tourism”, “Service” and “Hospitality” faculties, elaborated on how the gastronomic tours are created in Russia and abroad, which products become gastronomic brands, which practice exists in the world in the protection of specialties and how to create your own tourist product.

During their studies, students received not only relevant information on the development of the gastrotourism industry, but also became participants in the creation of a gastronomic brand. At the end of the course, the students presented their own group concepts of gastronomic routes around Moscow, which reflect both the specifics of Moscow gastronomy and its unique cultural and historical diversity. The following thematic concepts were presented: “Russian spirit – traditional Russian cuisine in the center of the capital”, “Asia in Moscow”, “Moscow’s Coffee Culture – from grain to cup”, “Moscow through the eyes of a sweet tooth”, “Hot’n’cold”, “ Regional cuisine of Italy in Moscow ”,“ Vegetarian Moscow ”,“ Love for Tea”,“ In vino veritas ”,“ The Great Silk Road ”,“ Steak houses of Moscow ”,“ Streetfood in Moscow ”and others.

The expert committee included Svetlana Vasilievna Dikhtyar, Director of the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism of RUDN, Margarita Polonik, Deputy Head of the Moscow Regional Branch of “Business Russia LLC” Evgeny Bazylev, Travel Hunter Leading Specialist for Travel Products Anastasia Malova, Travel Hunter GR-Manager Tatyana Popadieva. Since the request for the creation of gastronomic tours was received by the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism from the business and authorities of Moscow, the member of this Association, Travel Hunter, is planning to develop thematic gastronomic tours around Moscow and then introduce them on the basis on student concepts.


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