Margarita Polonik told the students of RUDN University about gastronomic brands

On September 26, the second lecture of the authentic course on gastronomic tourism for students of the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism of RUDN University (IHBT of RUDN) took place as a part of the “Informed Choice” forum.

Margarita Polonik, the General Deputy of Travel Hunter, a leading tour operator in gastronomic tourism, and the President of the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism in Russia told the second and third year students about how gastronomic tours are created in Russia and abroad, which products become gastronomic brands and what practices exist in the world in the field of specialties protection.

Gastronomic tourism is an increasingly popular area of tourism business, and that is why the interdisciplinary intersessional forum “Conscious Choice” dedicated to the gastrotourism has gathered such a large audience of students from different faculties.

As a result of the course the students will receive not only up-to-date information on the development of the gastrotourism industry but will also become participants in the creation of a gastronomic brand. For example, in the final of the program students of the IHBT of RUDN will develop gastronomic tours around Moscow, the best of which will then be implemented by Travel Hunter.

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