Russia and Moldova will develop gastronomic tourism

Margarita Polonik has signed the agreements on the creation of the Moldavian-Russian gastronomic tours

In Chisinau, from 20 to 22 September, the Moldavian-Russian Economic Forum (MREF) was held bringing together more than 500 participants from businesses, the public sector and public organizations of the two countries at one venue. The agenda of the MREF included the issues of agriculture, tourism, winemaking, industry and urban planning, as well as the development of a “road map” of economic cooperation between Russia and Moldova.

Within the profile sections, the General Director of the leading Russian gastronomic tour operator Travel Hunter and the President of the Association of the Assistance in the Development and Promotion of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism in Russia Margarita Polonik, presented a report on the current state of the gastronomic industry and its development prospects for Russia-Moldova. Margarita Polonik offered her Moldavian colleagues a strategy of attracting Russian tourists to the country and also expressed her willingness to help in the creation of the gastronomic routes of Moldova. The result of the “Developing Tourism” section was the signing of the agreement on the strategic partnership of the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism of Russia and the National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism of Moldova. According to Margarita Polonik, building a successful tourism business in the country is impossible without government support: “When we enter the market of any European or the CIS country in every successful case we have a support at the government level — tourism offices give us letters of recommendation, give us their bases of reliable partners and an informational platform, provide us with support in the popularization of this particular direction. Without this collaboration nothing will work out and the agreement will remain just an agreement,” Margarita Polonik emphasizes.

Gastronomic tourism not only serves as a tool to popularize the culture of the country but also provides a support for the winemaking business. This conclusion was made by the participants of the MREF section “Winemaking”. Thus, the President of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich noted that the task of the winemakers of both countries today is “to make Moldavian products and Moldavian wines sold in Russia and to ensure that Russian money, Russian investors come to Moldova”. In her turn, Margarita Polonik noted that tourism is the locomotive of the wine industry because familiarizing tourists with wines against the background of the unique color of the area in which they are produced is the best advertisement for the product.

During the three days of the forum the participants signed seven memorandums of cooperation in the field of tourism, industry and urban development.


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