The Association told about the gastronomic brands at the “Travel with Taste” conference

On September 12, as a part of the LEISURE exhibition at the 3rd International Enogastronomic Conference “Travel with Taste”, the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism, together with Travel Hunter, presented the expertise on promoting regional gastronomic brands in Russia. In the report “Regional products by the example of the Astrakhan region” Tatyana Kolesnikova, Deputy General Director of Travel Hunter, covered the results of the collaboration of Travel Hunter, the Association of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism and the representatives of the business industry and government entities of the Astrakhan Region. In just a year of working together, they managed to launch the project “Taste of Astrakhan” and bring the Astrakhan region to the top 15 gastronomic places of Russia. For its contribution to the development of gastronomic tourism in the Astrakhan region, the Association headed by Margarita Polonik received a letter of appreciation from Alexander Zhilkin, the governor of the Astrakhan region. In addition, with the assistance and support of the Association, the Astrakhan region took part in the competition of enogastronomic routes as a part of the exhibition LEISURE and reached the final presenting its route and the video called “Astrakhan Gastronomy”.

The conference moderator Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Gastronomic Center, noted the importance of studying the global practices of promoting the country through national cuisines: “Take a look at Peru. This country with a limited amount of resources allocated a budget of 1 billion dollars in order to attract tourists and create the institute of Peruvian cuisine. And now it is one of the most known gastronomic points on the map of South America”. Experts from Armenia, Peru, Uzbekistan and Japan exchanged the peculiarities of gastrotourism development in their countries and gave out the tastes of national dishes and drinks.

By discussing the success and the prospects of the Russian gastronomy the conference participants agreed on the need of experience exchange and forming of Russia-wide gastronomic standards. Thus, the Deputy Director of the Vologda Informational and Consulting Center of the Agro-Industrial Complex Olga Dolmatova noted that the well-known Vologda butter brand, which is primarily determined by its place of production, has a number of fakes even abroad. Since Russia does not yet have a law on the protection of geographical indications and recipes it is difficult for the manufacturers to fight with gastronomic fakes.

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